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Camp Easterbunny

Welcome to Camp Easterbunny. We are trying to swim great workouts in Vårby.

Thursday and Sunday night is cancelled/moved to your choice of the workouts listed below. Earliest bird catches the spots on Friday. We might swim Monday too if interest is big.

Saturday April 7th we also have a guest coach that has been coaching 6 Olympic gold medalists.

Good Friday March 30th 10 slots (together with National Elite Centre)
Sweet Saturday March 31st 20 slots
Rising Sunday April 1st 20 slots

07:40 Doors are opening.
07:50 Pep-talk.
08:00 In the water

Bring the gear you need.

Fee 240:- Swished when receiving booking mail.
No fee if you swim monthly with Human Ambition
Reduced fee 160:- if you add a workout to your one-a-week).

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About Mikael Rosén

Mikael Rosén har tränat vuxna simmare och triathleter sedan 2002. Några av dem han jobbat med är Margit Ohlsson, världsmästare 2010 på ryggsim i D65-69, Antti Antonov, europamästare på Ironmandistansen 2010 och David Näsvik, svensk mästare i triathlon på Ironmandistansen 2010, Pontus Lindberg, svensk mästare på samma distans 2011.

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