The BREAKDOWN SWIMMING is a complete analysis of your swimming regardless og ambistion and performance level. The Laboratory is the most traditional and cleanest pool in the country, Centralbadet. It has been the site of recreation and competition since 1904 and is situated in the central parts of Stockholm.

This is how it works

The Rain Man of Swimming Mikael Rosén meets you and all alone in the pool. Your stroke is being monitored from unique views. We are using equipment and drills to immediately change your swimming for the better. After we talk through how you in the best way make the change you want. You will have the movies and your success plan when you leave the pool.

Lots of athletes have used Mike´s stroke analysis since 2004:
- Patrik Nilsson the youngest sub-8 Ironman (7:49)
- Margit Ohlson World Champion Masters Swimming.
- Petter Askergren musician, entertainer and swimrunner.
- David Näsvik and Pontus Lindberg National Champions Ironman Distance (8:28 & 8:11).
- Antti Antonov European Ironman Champion M45 (8.48) and World Champion Swimrunner.

And many more.


Send an E-mail to mikael[at]humanambiton[dot]se

After the analysis there is free access to the spa that also holds a gym and a cold water pool. The latter useful for post-leg-workouts Läs mer om Centralbadet på wikipedia.

Wednesdays 05:50 Holländargatan 13
Wednesdays 06:50 same adress

Breakdown Swimming
 SEK1600. SEK1200 if you are 2 and 1000 if you are 3.



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  4. Isabella Banchi


    Jag och min man var hemma hos vår goda vän simmaren Axel Petterssons glögg för någon vecka sedan och några av de gamla simmarna var där tipsade om dig ;)

    Min man håller på att träna inför olika lopp och skulle väldigt gärna vilja boka in en tid hos dig till honom som en present.
    (Breakdown swimming i Centralbadet )

    Vilka datum är du tillgänglig? Från och med årskiftet.

    Hoppas höra av från dig.

    Tack på förhand.

    Isabella Banchi


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