Wintertime HUMAN AMBITION swims three times a week. You are welcome regardless of your abilities. Different speeds, different lanes. Improving technique and physique makes you a better swimmer. The only thing required is that you treat your co-swimmers good. .

Torsdag 20:45-22:00 SPEED
Lördag 07:00-09:00 ENDURANCE
Söndag 20:15-21:45 MEDLEY

LOCATION: Vårby Simhall, Vårby Allé 30, Park with P-Skiva på Vårbyskolans teacher parking.
DROP-IN: 220:-/workout
BRUCE: You can swim with us if you have Brucepass. Right now Bruce has five workouts per session.
ENTRY: Maila

This is a small group analysis at Centralbadet. Maximum three swimmers. Takes a little more than two hours and gives you a rainbow colored document with a plan for optimizing your swimming.
FEE: 1600:-

Practice with the Head Coach of Sweden Open Water. 60 minutes. Lake or Pool.
FEE: 1 session for 1200:- 3 for 2700:-

Dates: Bespoke Commissions. Email for suggestions on date and time.
Entry: By Email or instagram-DM mikael(at)humanambition(dot)se.

2 thoughts on “GROUP SWIMMING

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  2. David wiksén

    Jag skulle vilja börja simma med er.
    Kan man börja en dag i veckan för att sedan efter en månad börja med två pass?
    Tänker främst torsdag och lördag.
    Anmäler jag mig här? Finns det plats?


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